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5 Ways to Green Your Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!  What’s not to love about a day that celebrates romance and matters of the heart?

If only it were that simple!  February 14 is becoming one of the most commercialized holidays, following quickly on the heels of Christmas and Halloween.

So, let’s get back to “simple.”  Consider these 5 ways to green your Valentine.  Save the environment and some money, too!

1. Make your own greeting card.  Pass by the red and pink envelopes in the store!  Write a love letter with your own sentiments, memories, hopes and dreams for you and your loved one.  They’ll treasure the note much longer than Hallmark’s sentiments.

2. Cook dinner at home.   Not only is the atmosphere considerably more intimate, but you can pick fresh, local, sustainable ingredients to prepare a memorable meal.   Be sure to light non-toxic, eco-friendly candles in the dining room and… elsewhere….

3. Choose fair trade chocolate.  If you are a traditionalist, you might want to get sweets for your sweetheart.  Forgo the mass-produced red boxes of chocolate.  Sustainable chocolate, produced with fair trade ingredients is the greener choice.

4.  Give experiences instead of gifts.  One of my favorite items to give and receive are homemade “coupon books.”   You can make them as tame or as spicy as you want.  Remember that doing the laundry or washing windows can be a big turn on for some spouses.  Then again, a foot rub could be the start of something great!

5.  Think local and/or organic.  Going with flowers?  Stop by a roadside stand for locally grown!  Or, you could drop into Whole Foods, which is offering fresh flowers from growers in your region for the special day (not limited to Valentine’s Day).  Is wine more your style?  These days, you can find many varietals that are grown organic and with minimal water use or even solar power.

Love the earth while you are saying “I love you!”  What ways do you use to green your Valentine?

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