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Fennec Fox and its Kits

Fennec foxes are highly sociable creature, however, they can be really homely. They are actually a lot of fun only with those who are close to them. They are close to you, only because you are its owner.

When Fennec foxes have babies, they can be very protective to their babies. During that period of time, your little pet may be hostile even to you.

Dating and mating

The Fennec Fox is a monogamous creature, and the fox couple will get together to start a family and have babies.
The first mating will happen between nine to twelve months. The usual mating period is in January and February, while babies will be born in March or April. Domesticated Fennec foxes are usually born between March and July, even though births may happen all year round.

Usually, the little exotic pets will have babies once a year, but sometimes they may give birth more than once under some conditions. Many conditions may contribute to this, including environmental conditions.

Biological cycle

The female Fennec fox has a monoestrous cycle. It is characterized by an average 6-day pro-oestrous phase and a one to two day oestrus. She does not experiene any sanguineous discharge during this period. In non-fertile cycles, her ovulation is followed by an average 50-day pseudopregnancy period. Why is it called pseudopregnancy when it is actually a dioestrous period? That is because its hormonal pattern and duration to gestation is similar.

The longest record of fennec fox sexual intercourse duration is a remarkable 2 hrs 45 mins. The male can be very aggressive and protective of his wife after mating, and he will be the one who will care for her every needs during pregnancy and lactation.


The average gestation period is 52 days. During this period, the dens are dug in sand, in open areas or places sheltered by plants. Their homes may be huge and may seem like a labyrinth, especially in some more compacted soils. It may cover an area of 120 meter square, with as many as 15 different entrances.

Baby care

The fennec fox may give birth to one to four babies at any one time, and the new mommy will be taking care of the babies very well. The new daddy will guard the entrance of their home well and also provide for the female. Meanwhile, the female will breastfeed the baby until they wean at about 60 to 70 days.
During this period, your Fennec fox will be rather hostile even to you. They will only be less protective after about two to three weeks. That is when you might be able to safely bring the baby foxes out from the care of their parents.

It is not easy to care for this exotic pet. You will need to be very careful so that you will not upset your Fennec foxes when they are preparing themselves as new parents.

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